WACI VietNam

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    WACI Radio (125th ATC) went on the air in September 1965 at Tent City B on the Tan Son Nhut Airbase (above). At that time, the power of the station was only 10 watts, but it did a good job of covering the base.

    After a couple of months, our section of the 125th ATC moved to a villa in Gia Dinh. The picture below was taken there. A large center fed V antenna was used to try to get the 10 watt signal to our regular listeners on the airbase. The signal was weak, but our diehard fans continued to listen. The villa was really not that far from the airbase, but the area that we needed to cover was at the opposite end of the airbase. There were quite a few officers’ quarters in Gia Dinh, so it didn’t take them long to discover the station. We were only at the villa for about 5 weeks, just long enough to get it into fine shape for a high ranking officer to claim it for himself.

    Then, it was back to the airbase where the 125th had it’s own compound. In fact, it had two. WACI and I were at the main compound, which was quite large. We had our own mess and all those good things. It took only a couple of weeks to build a 50 watt AM transmitter from parts borrowed from the Nav-aids shop. A center fed longwire was strung from one end of the compound to the other. It was well over 100 feet long. The center feed was only about 30 feet long and 20 feet in the air. It was feared that a good signal would be hard to obtain with such a short vertical center feed, but darn if that sucker didn’t work just fine. The base was saturated with a good strong signal. The station could even be heard in Saigon. More equipment was added and tapes and records arrived from friends and radio stations back in the US.

    Well, that’s all for now. I will try to get more pictures and info posted soon.

Me at the 125th ATC Tent-City B station ‘65

Gia Dinh Villa ‘65

Don Halley 1965

Bruce Boyels 1965

Lee Hollihan 1966

Phil Lenz WACI Biên Hòa 1967

WACI AM Transmitter 1966

WACI Studio 1966